32 Of The Best Things To Do In Seattle Before Summer Ends

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Summer Seattle

Let’s give summer a proper goodbye!

All good things come to an end… but you can still enjoy what’s left of the summer with some of the best activities in Seattle. Enjoy the rest of these sunny days, and plan some cool outings with friends and family!

1. Visit a stunning beach

Enjoy a sunny day relaxing by the beach, and explore beautiful areas! Make a trip out of it and escape to some of the most stunning places in the Northwest.

2. Plan a road trip to a weird and unique destination

In the mood for a road trip, but don’t want to visit cliché spots? Check out some of the most incredibly fun and weird places around WA State instead!

3. Grab a delicious ice cream sandwich

No better way to enjoy the summer, right? These spots serve some of the best ice cream sandwiches in the city, don’t miss them!

4. Enjoy a mouthwatering meal on a waterfront patio

Stunning views and delicious food. What more can you ask for? These waterfront patios offer incredible views, delicious cocktails, and mouthwatering food. Perfect plan for the summer!

5. Go for a scenic bike ride

Summer is the perfect time to go for a bike ride, and these scenic spots are worth the hassle. Grab your bike, or rent one, and enjoy a fun exercise with some mesmerizing views!

6. Immerse yourself in an incredible light festival

This FREE light festival is coming back to the city, and you can’t miss the incredible installations! (Pro tip) RSVP to the event and enter to win a pair of LED wings!

7. Enjoy craft cocktails in a beautiful Tiki Bar

Summertime, summer drinks! Little Tin is the perfect spot to enjoy tropical drinks in an eclectic ambiance.

8. Eat all you can in this boozy brunch festival

Bacon, Eggs & Kegs returns to Seattle this August 14th, and it’s the perfect event for brunch enthusiasts. Enjoy a variety of food paired up with boozy drinks, like mimosas, beers, and 30ft Bloody Mary’s!

9. Sip a cocktail in an amazing rooftop bar

Rooftop bars in Seattle are great to enjoy a casual outing with friends, or a romantic dinner with a hot date. These bars offer incredible views paired up with amazing cocktails and food. Enjoy the perfect summer night in one of these spots!

10. Hop on the ferry and visit Bainbridge Island

Hopping on the ferry is always fun! Enjoy the mesmerizing views on your way to Bainbridge Island, and plan a day full of delicious meals and wine tastings. This quaint island is perfect for a summer day trip!

11. Enjoy a wine tasting experience

Enjoy a summer drink in one of the most beloved wineries in WA state, or visit a local winery and become a wine connoisseur.

12. Watch a movie under the Space Needle

Enjoy a fun movie on a 40-foot screen with the Space Needle looming above! Movies at the Mural are running all the way until August 28th, so don’t miss them!

13. Plan a romantic weekend getaway

Reconnect with your partner in one of these amazing destinations around Seattle!

14. Visit one of the many islands around Seattle

If you’re looking to enjoy an epic weekend getaway, this plan is for you! There are many islands around Seattle that are perfect for a weekend trip, and they offer many activities. Check our round-up and choose the best one for you!

15. Complete your WA State bucketlist

Washington State has incredible destinations, and summer is the perfect time to visit all of them! Check our 24 dazzling bucket list destinations, and plan your next adventure!

16. Visit the North Cascades

Pretty sure you’ve seen this marvel all over Instagram; if you haven’t, this incredible place nestled in the North Cascades is a trip you wouldn’t want to miss. Ross Lake Resort is usually booked all year long, but there are other ways to enjoy this marvelous place. Check all the details here.


17. Visit a delicious brewery

Thirsty for some beer? Emerald City has some of the best options in the Northwest area. Enjoy a cold one in one of these incredible places!

18. Play a fun bubble soccer game

Seattle Bubble Soccer brings a fun spin to this beloved sport and it creates one of the most unique things to do in Seattle. This cool activity is perfect to challenge friends and family to a bumpy soccer game.

19. Explore Seattle on a tight budget

Seattle has many great options to spend an amazing summer without breaking the bank. Stroll through the waterfront, take a ferry ride, have a picnic at the beach, visit the Spheres, catch a free outdoor movie, or enjoy the sunset at Kerry Park.

20. Escape to an amazing vacation rental

Enjoy the incredible summer weather and plan a small trip with friends or family. These rentals will transport you to faraway places, all within Washington State limits.

21. Plan a camping trip

Looking for adventure? WA State has many options for an epic camping trip. Visit Blake Island, or enjoy the Goldmeyer Hot Spring Camp!

22. Enjoy Day In, Day Out concert

This will be the first concert of 2021 in Seattle! Check all the info for this epic two-day show, and don’t miss it!

23. Visit some of the best kid-friendly attractions in Seattle

Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Have a museum day, ride the monorail, or visit a water park. Emerald City has a little something for everyone!

24. Visit stunning waterfalls

Escape the city and reconnect with nature! Plan a short road trip and enjoy incredible natural wonders.

25. Watch the sunset from one of these amazing spots

Watching a sunset is always a perfect excuse to sit back and relax for at least a few minutes. These stunning spots are perfect to do so!

26. Cruise Lake Union in a hot tub boat

This activity is perfect for a summer date and even a rainy day. These cozy hut tub boats are great to cruise around Lake Union and enjoy mesmerizing views of the Seattle skyline!

27. Enjoy a vibrant day strolling through Cap Hill

If you want to spend the perfect day in Capitol Hill, we recommend visiting some of these incredible gems! This neighborhood is the perfect spot to spend a cool day in the city.

28. Ride a wooden boat at Lake Union

Center for Wooden Boats offers free rowboat rentals in Lake Union from Wednesdays to Sundays. This activity is great if you want to enjoy a relaxing cruise, and spend a day on the water!

29. Go for a hike

Take advantage of the green surroundings that Washington state has to offer, and visit these hiking trails in and around Seattle!

30. Visit a stunning Seattle park

Discovery Park, Kerry Park, and Carkreek Park are among some of the best parks in Seattle. Visit these stunning places around the city and escape to a zen space.

31. Enjoy incredible seafood at one of these restaurants

Seattle is famous for its incredible seafood, and there’s no better time to enjoy it than in summer!

32. Visit an incredible Sunflower festival

Take a colorful walk through one of the most brilliant sunflower fields in WA! Maris Farms is hosting its Second Annual Sunflower Days from August 14 through September 19, where you’ll be able to enjoy 7 acres of beautiful sunflowers!

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