5 Stunning Scenic Bike Trails In Seattle To Hit This Weekend

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Scenic Bike Trails Seattle

Enjoy a good bike ride in one of these incredible bike trails!

Seattle has many amazing trails, but these are some of the most scenic ones…

1. The Burke Gilman Trail

This beloved bike trail is a 27-mile recreational journey that runs from Ballard and all the way to Bothell, where you’ll be treated to some amazing views. You can cycle, walk, or run on this trail, and it’s great for beginners. The Burke Gilman Trail is pretty popular, and it’s usually very busy, you’ll have to watch out for other bikers, runners, and skaters.

2. Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop

This 6-mile paved path is great for those who love a good bike loop. It’s a highly trafficked trail that offers amazing scenic views, and it’s perfect for all skill levels. The Lake Union loop trail is mainly used for biking, running, walking, and bird watching. This loop is also perfect for a picnic, and it’s accessible all year long.

3. Elliot Bay Trail

If you’re near downtown, the Elliot Bay Trail is the perfect option for outdoor exercise with stunning views. Cruise along this 3.4-mile trail, perfect for cycling, rollerblading, running, walking, and more. This spot is also an amazing option for a picnic, especially during sunset. Enjoy incredible views of the Puget Sound, the Olympic Structure Park, the Olympic Mountains, and Mt. Rainier.


4. Alki Trail

Ride along the Alki Trail and enjoy incredible views of Elliot Bay. This quintessential beach ride in Seattle is great to enjoy every day of the week, but take in mind that it’s usually very busy during the weekends. The Alki Trail is about 2.5 miles each way, depending on where you start, and it’s a great path for all skill levels.

5. Seward Park Loop

This 2.4-mile loop is great for an easy bike ride. The paved path is perfect for cycling, running, or skating, where you can enjoy stunning views from Seward Park and the lake. There are plenty of stops where you can lay out a picnic blanket and enjoy a great Sunday outing.

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