5 Breathtaking Waterfalls Around Seattle You Should Visit

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Waterfalls Seattle

These mesmerizing waterfalls around Seattle will help you escape the hustle and reconnect with nature!

No summer in Seattle is complete without a little hike or a visit to some waterfalls. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the weather and plan an adventure with friends or family. These are just some of the most amazing waterfalls around Seattle!

1. Myrtle Falls

With the epic Mt. Rainier as a background, this place is the perfect opportunity to take out your camera and capture this amazing marvel. Myrtle Falls is located in the Paradise area of Mount Rainier National Park, and you can get there by following the signs from Paradise Inn towards the Skyline Trail, or Golden Gate Trail. Along the way, you’ll notice beautiful flowers; just make sure you don’t pick any, the wildflowers are fragile environments. After snapping photos, you can press on for a longer hike, or you can continue back towards the parking area.

2. Falls Creek Falls

This waterfall located near Stevenson features a moderate and gentle paved trail. Falls Creek Falls Loop is an 8.5 km path that’s usually pretty trafficked. On this trail, you can enjoy stunning views and use it for hiking, mountain biking, or nature trips. Our recommendation is to visit from March until November, and if you decide to hike with your dog, you should always keep it on a leash.

3. Spirit Falls

This place is one of the secret hidden gems in Washington State. Spirit Falls is famous among kayakers, but it can also be crowded with tourists, due to the beauty of this waterfall. To get there, you’ll have to hike a steep, unmarked, and sometimes slippery trail; but once you get there, you’ll see that the path was totally worth it.


4. Palouse Falls

The Palouse Falls State Park is something you have to see once in your lifetime. The impressive river runs through a narrow cataract and drops 200 feet into a churning bowl. Carved more than 13,000 years ago, Palouse Falls is among the last active waterfalls on the Ice Age floods path. This natural wonder is every photographer’s dream, so make sure to load up your camera for this trip.

5. Panther Creek Falls

This is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge, and certainly a trip worth your while. There’s a viewing platform that offers you stunning views of the two streams merging together. Make your way through the rough path, and admire the falls from the lower section. The best access to this is the trail about 200 feet from the main road trail. Beware of the path, it can be slick and steep in some places.

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