This Unique Self Serve Bar Opened In South Lake Union

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Self Serve Bar South Lake Union

This self-serve bar in SLU is surprisingly changing the traditional ways of tasting, and sampling craft drinks!


Tapster’s story began in England when a bartender serving beer from a tap was referred to as a “tapster”.

Roman Maliszewski and Sean Slevin are the innovators behind the first self-serve tasting bar in Chicago, and they both dislike the idea of waiting in line for the bartenders to pour a beer, wine, or a cocktail. The founders saw the need for a change, and with the explosion of craft drinks on the American social scene, the tasting and sampling of drinks became necessary.

Now, Seattleites are gonna be able to experience this new and exciting way of serving their own drinks!

Freedom of choice is the American way, and Tapster has embraced this basic human right. Some restaurants and bars offer a huge variety of beers and cocktails, forcing guests to drink the entire glass before knowing If they like it, or not.

Tapster is creating a new experience in the restaurant, and bar industry. You will always find friendly staff standing next to the taps, ready to give you all the feedback you need.


This innovative place has an incredible team of mixologists, who create unique craft cocktails for the visitors. The difference between Tapster cocktails, and those made by traditional bartenders, is that these are made in large quantities and then put in kegs. Make no mistake, their cocktails are made with as much love as those made by a bartender, serving one at a time.


Tapster is made to be inclusive and easy to use. Roman and Sean have included kombucha, craft sodas made from small-batch brewers, locally owned cold brew coffee, and fresh juice to their taps.

Tapster’s mission is to always teach you something new, whether this includes pouring a proper pint, or learn how to find the unique differences between SLO and Calistoga wines. This self pouring technology empowers customers to choose their drink at their leisure, and more importantly to sample before committing to the entire pint.

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