5 Unbelievable Scenic Trains You Can Ride From Seattle

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Scenic Train Rides

Hands down! These routes are some of the best in the PNW!

Visit Bavarian towns, pass through the Cascade Mountains, visit the magnificent Glacier National Park, and ride an impressive train all the way to Chicago. These incredible scenic routes deserve a spot on your bucket list!

1. Leavenworth

This is one of the classic scenic train rides in WA. Take this route and enjoy the rugged Cascade Mountains and the Skykomish River. You will be surprised by the beauty of the natural area, and gorgeous views. If you’re looking to spend a true winter wonderland, we recommend visiting Leavenworth during December. Amtrak train leaves Seattle each Saturday towards the Bavarian town, giving riders the chance to bask in the town’s renowned holiday celebration.


2. Glacier National Park

Experience the rugged splendor of the American West. This route between Seattle and Chicago gives you the opportunity to enjoy majestic views, and pass through some major natural beauties. If you decide to go all the way to Chicago, you’ll enjoy a 46 hrs train ride, that passes through Spokane and Minneapolis. You don’t have to go all the way; hop off at the Glacier National Park, and revel in the glorious sights of this wondrous park.



3. Snoqualmie Valley Railroad

Hop on the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad and enjoy a historic and mesmerizing 5.5-mile ride through the Upper Snoqualmie Valley. This 1880s Seattle Lake and Eastern Railway is a 90 minutes scenic ride between North Bend and Snoqualmie Falls. Enjoy incredible views and a unique historic experience on board. We recommend checking their website for more info on schedules and calendar updates.


4. Chehalis River Valley

Travel back to the 1920s aboard the beautifully restored Chehalis-Centralia Railroad, and enjoy a scenic ride through the Chehalis River Valley. Ride through the beautiful Lewis County countryside, and enjoy fascinating views of wooded forests, old farmsteads, country homes, and tranquil nature sites. The Chehalis-Centralia Railroad serves as a train and a museum, and it offers different schedules, routes, and fares. We recommend visiting their site, and choose the best one for you!


5. Vance Creek Railriders

This rare experience offers a unique scenic “train” ride for all visitors, where you can pedal through the amazing Olympic Peninsula aboard the Simpson Logging Company Railway. This expedition is perfect for nature enthusiasts, birders, cyclists, and rail fans that are looking to relish in the peace and tranquility of a self pedaling trip.

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