8 Scary Experiences Around Seattle You Shouldn’t Miss This Season

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Do you have what it takes to survive these scary experiences?

Scary season is almost here, and these experiences are waiting for you! Gather your friends and courage, and visit… if you dare!

1. Georgetown Morgue

This is a must-see experience for this Halloween season! The Georgetown Morgue of Seattle has a history of thousands of funeral preparations, cremations, and the processing of animal carcasses. This spooky morgue holds what is considered to be the most horrifying unsolved crime in Seattle history… Nine of their staff were forced into the crematorium chamber… There were no surviving witnesses, nor were suspects ever identified. Take a tour and wander at your own risk to see if you can escape this horrifying morgue.

When: September 24th to November 6th, 2021

Where: 5000 E Marginal Way S., Seattle, WA 98134

2. Maris Farms Haunted Woods

Spend a night of terror at this abandoned barn full of deranged circus freaks and mutants. Run and escape a maze field loaded with your worst nightmares, enter a haunted wood through a turbulent vortex, and avoid all the lurking creatures that will be waiting for you at every corner. This attraction is truly not for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for a spooky adventure, this challenge is for you!

When: Opening Night is on October 1 at 8:oo pm (check full calendar and tickets here)

Where: 25001 Sumner-Buckley Hwy, Buckley, WA 98321


3. Stalker Farms

Voted as Washington’s #1 must-see haunted attraction by The Scare Factor, Stalker Farms offers a scary and unforgettable experience designed for the daring ones. This creepy quest offers 8 unique attractions like the Slasher Family Homestead, Pogo’s Funny Farm, The Scarecrow’s Challenge, the Clown Shot Paintball, the Camp Fire Rentals, and the Nighttime Corn Maze. If the scares are too much, you can always relax by the beer garden or The Midway, where you can savor delicious food, and enjoy the vendors. This haunted corn maze is highly popular, so, we recommend getting your tickets ASAP!

When: October 2nd to 17th, 2021

Where: 8705 Marsh Rd Snohomish, WA


4. Thomas Family Farm

This incredible farm is offering Night Activities that are perfect for all those visitors looking for a spooky experience; here you can choose between playing a scary zombie paintball game, take a ride on a haunted hayride, visit the nightmare haunted house, or escape the corn maze with only a flashlight and your wit.

When: October 1st to 31st, 2021 (Check full schedule here)

Where: 9010 Marsh Rd, Snohomish, WA 98296



5. Rutle Edge Haunted Corn Maze

During the day this gorgeous farm is the perfect place to visit with your family and have a lovely farm tour, but everything changes at dawn… Visit the Haunted Maze, grab your friends and sense of adventure, because you never know what is waiting for you at every turn. This spooky maze is the perfect opportunity to spend a scary and fun night out!

When: September 18th to October 31st, 2021

Where: 302 93rd Ave SE, Olympia, Wa 98501


6. Nile Nightmares Haunted House

Join the 11th Anniversary of this incredible Haunted House and celebrate a scary experience! Nile Nightmares Haunted House offers six haunted attractions, like The Curse of the Nile, the Slaughterhouse, the Infernum Mine, The Attic, 3D Circus, and the horrific Lab 13. If you’re looking for more scares, you can also visit their three incredible and spooky escape rooms. If you’re not into the spooky experiences, you can always enjoy a delicious bite from the carnival and the food trucks.

When: Starting October 1st until 31st. (Select days apply. Please, check full calendar here)

Where: 6601 244th St SW, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043


7. Nightfall Orphanage

Bad children go to the bad place

“This refrain was common many years ago when Nightfall Orphanage still stood. Many in the community thought it was merely an archaic form of discipline for unruly children until they began to realize…that all the children were bad. They burned Nightfall Orphanage to the ground years ago… But sometimes evil rises from the ashes, some echoes never really fade, and some shadows never see the light”

Mr. Black invites you to step inside the Bad Place, a horrifying getaway into the phantasmagoric realm of the Dark Reach, here you’ll find spectral echoes and radiant abysses. Beware of the shadows, you might find some evil spirit lurking in this house.

When: October 15, 16, 22 , 23, 29, 30, and 31. (Dates are subject to chance, we recommend checking their website before visiting)

Where: 2130 Alki Ave SW

8. My Haunted Forest

Visit this immersive medical horror-themed haunt attraction, and spend a spooky evening with friends dodging zombies, fighting evil minions, and defeating giant spiders! This experience will submerge you into a medieval alternate reality with dragons and other mythical beasts lurking around the woods. Get your tickets now, and enjoy a mile-long of haunted attractions guarded by a 12′ tall gate that will only open for those who are worthy of this unique quest!

When: October 1st to the 31st. (Select dates apply. Please, check the full calendar here)

Where: Grand Farms, 17616 S Vaughn Rd NW, Vaughn, WA 98394

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