Washington Could Ban New Gas Cars Starting In 2030

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Just in time for Earth Day!

Washington could be the first state to fully run on electric cars. The “Clean Cars 2030” bill was passed earlier this week and is now awaiting Governor Jay Inslee’s signature. If signed, Washington will be on track to be the first to ban the sales of gas vehicles, followed by California and Massachusetts’ pledge to do this by 2035.

However, the legislation stipulates that it’ll only go into effect if 75% of the cars in Washington are subject to fees based on miles traveled. It also calls for the development of adequate infrastructure to support the large number of electric vehicles, including an increase in the number of charging stations available.

Washington has been seeking for greener alternatives in recent years. In March 2020, the state adopted a zero-emission program, where a tax exception was offered on the purchase price of electric cars.


Other countries are also moving toward similar bans, with bans on the sale of gas vehicles in Norway, Canada, China and the United Kingdom by 2040. Additionally, vehicle manufacturers like Volvo and General Motors have established goals to eliminate production of gasoline cars with a deadline between 2030 and 2040.

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