In Honor Of Quarantinaversary, This Seattle Native Is Whipping Up Hilarious Toilet-Paper Shaped Cakes

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toilet paper cake

Hailey’s Bakes and Cakes immortalizes the pandemic toilet-paper frenzy with a cake that honestly looks too real.

The early pandemic fad of baking our own banana bread and cup cakes is long gone. Little by little we are returning to a new normal, which means going back to our past habits of buying professionally made desserts and treats.

Hailey Jarrett, a West Seattle student and entrepreneur, opened this online bakery last year, where she offers lovely macarons and custom cakes! And to look back on the crazy times where people would run and stockpile toilet-paper at the beginning of lockdown for reasons still unknown, this Seattle resident created a hilarious cake.


 “I think that a toilet-paper cake is a good way to remember what we have gone through this past year, but in a way that looks at the silver lining of the pandemic”, Hailey told Secret Seattle.


“People usually get a good laugh out of it, which makes me happy that I can bring people joy”, she added.

The size of the cake is perfect to share, plus you can choose vanilla or chocolate flavor. You can even request ‘chocolate accents’ to the cake for the full effect and have contactless pickup in West Seattle!

Even though it may look super realistic, we can assure you no toilet paper is used in the making of these crafty cakes and they are completely edible! To make things even sweeter, with each order you place to Hailey’s Bakes and Cakes, Hailey is donating a pack of toilet paper to those who are still struggling.

Featured photo from Hailey’s Cakes and Bakes.

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