25 Of The Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Seattle Without Telling Me You’re From Seattle”

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Tell me you're from Seattle

Can you guess how many of them are about the weather?

Ah yes, Seattle is a whole world in itself. From raincoats to venti Starbucks, and Amazonians, there are some things that only people living in Seattle will truly understand. We wanted to know exactly what those things are, so we asked our readers the question… and boy, did they deliver. Without further ado, here are our Instagram and Facebook followers’ best responses to “Tell me you’re from Seattle without telling me you’re from Seattle”:


1. I don’t own an umbrella

2. Let’s go for a hike!

3. Hello sun ☀️, long time no see!

4. Hey! The mountain is out today!

5. So you work for Amazon?

6. “It’s Pike Place, not Pikes Place”

7. I keep 3 different types of raincoats in my car, bc you just never know when you’ll need a lightweight, polar fleece, or juuuuust in between 🌧🌦🌈

8. Pike or Pine?

9. Yeah for sure, we should catch up some time…

10. Which Subaru is yours?

11. Which Starbucks do you want to meet at? The one in the lobby? The one right outside of the building? Or the one across the street?

12. The weather tomorrow will be partly sunny 🌞

13. I walk in the rain without an umbrella 🌂

14. “It’s scorching outside!“ (75 degrees)

15. Dick’s at 1 AM is the only way to go! 🍔🥤

16. Let’s make plans for next week! Never hears from them again #seattlefreeze

17. I can pronounce Puyallup, Sequim, Guemes….

18. I’ve never tailgated a college game on land.

19. I’m sure my neighbors are nice people, but I’ve never talked to them.

20. Pike Place Market is where I go to catch a fish!

21. Seattleite: “it’s hot out” – The weather: “80°”

22. ” You own an umbrella?”

23. I’ll have a quad venti ristretto latte at 180°, with almond milk, one raw sugar, and flat!

24. Partly sunny with a chance of rain…

25. I’ve never gone up the Space Needle

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