7 Vibrant Things To Do On A Sunny Day In Seattle

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Sunny Day Activities Seattle

Embrace Seattle’s wonderful weather, and enjoy the sunny days!

Contrary to popular belief, the sun does make an appearance in Seattle from time to time. July and August are mostly filled with sunny days and great weather. These activities are perfect to enjoy the city during the summer!

1. Bike through the Waterfront

Elliot Bay Trail is the main waterfront route that takes you along the Puget Sound. Its total length, from Smith Cove to Spokane Street is about 7.5 miles. This biking trail promises an easy biking experience, stunning water views, and great paved trails.

2. Visit a winery

Seattle is big on wine, so for this, you’ll have plenty of options! Choose between taking a short trip to the epicenter of wine lovers, Woodinville, or hop on a ferry, and head to Bainbridge Island; they have amazing options for those who seek a tranquil tasting, and amazing food.

3. Rent a boat in South Lake Union

There are so many options for a boat rental in South Lake Union. Choose between, sailing, renting an electric boat, or even experiencing a one-of-a-kind option like a hot tub boat.

4. Go for a hike

What better way to take advantage of a nice sunny day, than going for a hike? The “Emerald City” has from easy hikes to more complicated ones, don’t worry Seattle has something for everyone. Make sure to pack all the essentials, and check the official trail site before you leave.


5. Enjoy a casual outdoor bite

Seattle is an amazing culinary center, you can find every sort of restaurant here, but those with terraces or patios are particularly special. A sunny day is a perfect opportunity to visit one of these places, enjoy a happy hour with friends accompanied by great food. Some great options are Westward, Aerlume, or Citizen.

6. Take a ferry ride

There are so many breathtaking ferry rides in Seattle, it’s hard to choose the best one. If you’re near downtown, your best choice would be a 40 min ferry ride to Bainbridge, you’ll get amazing views from the Puget Sound and Seattle skyline. Another great option would be from Anacortes to Lopez Island, where you can enjoy the serenity and mountain views.

7. Go sailing on the Puget Sound

This is a great way to spend the day out on the water, enjoy mesmerizing views, and bask under the sun. One of the most famous experiences would be joining a public sail, or maybe renting your private charter. Forget about the hustle of sailing your own boat, go with an expert, and just enjoy the day.

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