This Seattle Bakery Offers Unforgettable Vegan Donuts

Emma Colosia Emma Colosia

This Seattle Bakery Offers Unforgettable Vegan Donuts

Mighty-O Donuts has been wowing Seattitles with devilishly good donuts and sustainable practices since 2000.

From gluten-free to gourmet, long gone are the days where a donut was considered a simple ring of fried dough. Seattle is becoming an ever-growing city of people who are looking for socially conscious and plant-based alternatives. This is how we heard of Mighty-O Donuts, a bakery that focuses not only on delivering delicious sweet treats but also on making them sustainable.

With a delicious and mindful dessert in mind, Mighty-O Donuts sold their first donut with no chemicals, genetically modified organisms, or animal products in a University District Street Fair in May 2000. They’ve opened four bakeries since and have won over the hearts of hundreds of vegan and non-vegan customers.


Their menu includes an impressive array of signature, seasonal and special edition donuts. The all-time favorites are blueberry fritter, poppyseed and french toast donut.  All of their ingredients are 100% natural and made from scratch, including colorings, glazes and fillings.

Don’t forget to try any of their beverages because hot or cold they’ll be a delight for your palate. Their selection includes iced chai, lattes, kombucha, cold brew and if you’re more of a classic donut fan, their simple black coffee is continuously praised.


Mighty-O not only supports your sweet tooth, but they also donate to non-profit organizations and support local artists by dedicating wall space to monthly exhibitions. They also prioritize sustainability through their compostable and recyclable packaging and reducing any waste by donating unsold food.

They have 3 open locations and you can order online from their website:

Hours: Mon-Fri 06:00pm-3:00pm


Sat-Sun 07:00am-5:00pm


2110 N 55th Street 


1555 NW Market Street 

Capitol Hill

1400 12th Avenue 

Denny Triangle 

1812 Boren Avenue 

Downtown – Currently closed 

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