Check Out The Incredible North Bend Film Fest This Thursday

Jennifer Moreno Jennifer Moreno

North Bend Film Fest

Don’t miss out on this immersive film fest in North Bend!

The North Bend Film Fest is an annual storyline event that takes place in the iconic Twin Peaks town, where David Lynch shot the famous tv show. Just 30 miles away from Seattle this festival comes together to celebrate, and discover new types of innovative storytelling, providing a program of films, short films, live events, and immersive experiences.
This year the festival will take place on July 15 through 18, 2021, where the North Bend Theater will host the in-person portion of the fest.  It’ll feature films and short screenings to complement a robust virtual lineup of screenings, talkbacks, and immersive experiences.
There are three parts to this incredible event:
  • I Swing, You Swing will be an incredible pregnancy mystery game.
  • Marcia Needs Space will be a North Bend Film Fest self-led story experience that will take place around the town.
  • Strange Storytelling will host a live audience and it will be offered as an online experience.
Something new to the festival this year is the Dulac Vanguard Filmmaker Award, which is meant to honor extraordinary achievements in groundbreaking filmmaking. This year’s recipient is Jane Shoenbrun for her debut film “We’re All Going to the World’s Fair”. This hunting work captures the dual sadness, and hope of a life lived through the screen.
North Bend Film Fest virtual program is geo-restricted to the PNW (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho), and it offers different types of festival passes:
  • 10 feature or short programs for $95
  • 12 feature or short programs for Industry Members for $95
  • Individual tickets are available and include a $3 discount for locals attending the in-person screenings.

To buy a pass and view the complete lineup, visit the North Bend Film Fest website.


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