Gov. Inslee Announces A New Mask Guidance For WA State

Jennifer Moreno Jennifer Moreno

New Mask Guidance WA State

Mask up! Gov. Inslee recommends wearing a face mask in every indoor setting, even if you’re vaccinated.

Vaccinated or not, the recommendation is to wear a face mask in every indoor setting where chances of transmission are higher. The Delta variant worries experts because WA State is currently suffering a rise in COVID-19 cases.

“Numbers are going up, and vaccination rates have flatlined”

The Delta strain has rapidly become the dominant variant in the state. According to health experts, 96% of new cases have been due to this dangerous variant.

According to Gov. Inslee, indoor masks will be required for all K -12 schools, and for those who are already vaccinated masking up in indoor spaces is a recommendation for now, not a requirement. The governor said that the best way to fight this COVID rise is for everyone to get vaccinated, but in the meantime other measures are necessary.


“People who are unvaccinated right now are a danger to their fellow citizens,” he said.

The state’s goals are to minimize the COVID-19 transmission among students and staff in K-12 schools, require staff and students to wear face coverings regardless of their vaccination status, keep social distancing in classrooms and common areas.

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