See The Total Lunar Eclipse (And Super Moon) From Seattle This Wednesday

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Prepare your alarm clock, Seattleites! You’ll be waking up VERY early this Wednesday. 

Early risers rejoice! Get ready for a spectacular show this Wednesday morning, when the Sun, Moon and Earth align, creating a rare total lunar eclipse. It will be visible from Seattle, but you’ll have to wake up very early to see it. The lunar eclipse will begin at 2:45 am and will end around 5:30 am. 

It will be visible near moonset in the western continental United States and Canada, all of Mexico, most of Central America and Ecuador, western Peru, and southern Chile and Argentina.

All you need to watch the eclipse is clear skies! Sadly, it looks like it’ll be a little bit cloudy this Wednesday morning, but we’re hoping for a chance to see the show in between clouds. 

Here are the important times for the eclipse watchers(take note!): 

Partial eclipse begins: 2:44 am 

Total eclipse begins: 4:11 am 

Maximum eclipse: 4:18 am 


Total eclipse end: 4:25 am

This eclipse promises to be unique as it will happen when the moon is in a “super moon” state. This means it will seem 7% larger. It is also called a “blood moon” because it’ll be dimly illuminated by a red-orange light leftover from sunsets and sunrises occurring around the world.

This is the first total lunar eclipse visible for most of the country since January 2019! Will you be there to see it?

You can find more information  about it on NASA’s official website. 

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