The Famous Hotel Sorrento Will Reopen Next Week

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The Famous Hotel Sorrento Will Reopen Next Week

The Grand Hotel Sorrento will finally reopen on June 1.  Reservations are available now!

Hotel Sorrento, the oldest hotel in Seattle, is reopening after being closed for a few months due to COVID-19, and they’ve got exciting surprises for everyone!

The pandemic was challenging on many businesses throughout the city, and hotels were not the exception. Luckily, many companies are reopening, including hotels, restaurants, and bars.

The History of Sorrento Hotel

It’s been more than 110 years since the Hotel Sorrento opened its doors in 1909. The hotel was known for its luxurious ambiance and its amazing views of Elliot Bay. Designed by the architect Harlan Thomas, it has been considered one of the country’s most haunted hotels.

According to staff, the service has been so good, some guests have decided not to leave, even after death. Rumor has it, the ghost of American writer Alice B. Toklas roams the halls near Room 408. She is said to flicker the lights on and off and to move drinks around the Dunbar Room.


Say I Do!

Are you thinking about getting married soon? The Sorrento is introducing new and exciting services. With your safety and well-being in mind, they are currently offering to organize your wedding, party, or even group dinner inside the hotel, respecting social distancing.  They have more than eight beautiful spaces available to choose from: a patio, dining room, and even a rooftop!

Featured image by the Hotel Sorrento. 

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