Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Say Goodbye To Masks According To The CDC

Emma Colosia Emma Colosia

Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Say Goodbye To Masks According To The CDC

There will be fewer restrictions for fully vaccinated Americans, with some exceptions. 

According to federal officials, Americans who have been fully vaccinated can go without masks or social distancing indoors and outdoors, with some limitations. 

After more than a year, restrictions will become more relaxed, particularly for people who have chosen to get vaccinated.  This means that more than 117 million people will be able to slowly resume their daily normal activities without masks or distancing, visit their families and go back to work.

The announcement comes after the CDC affirmed that additional data from the past few weeks show that the vaccines work in the real world and offer protection from variants. However, they also cautioned that guidelines could be subject to change in the future if the pandemic worsens.


But don’t throw them all away yet; elimination of masks and social distancing doesn’t apply to all settings. You will still need to wear them in airplanes, buses, prisons, hospitals and homeless shelters. The CDC also added that immuno-compromised people should check with their doctors before getting rid of their face masks.

Featured image by Stephen Cornfield from Unsplash.

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