Take A Look Into Da Vinci’s Inventions In This New Immersive Exhibit

Jennifer Moreno Jennifer Moreno

Da Vinci Exhibit

Interact with flying machines and self-driving vehicles!

Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) is offering visitors the chance to visit and take a look into the inventions of the most famous Renaissance man: Leonardo Da Vinci.

This new exhibit is bringing to life some of Da Vinci’s most famous designs; here, you’ll experience 60 lifesize models developed from drawings and writings. This interactive exhibit gives you the chance to pull, push, crank, and take a peek into the science behind the work of this genius.

Enjoy some of his most impactful work, like the helicopter, airplane, car, the parachute, and the bicycle. Beyond inventions, you’ll be able to explore some of Leonardo’s most famous codices, anatomical studies, and the Battle of Anghiari drawings.


This immersive experience has no parallel; rather than just simple projections, here you’re going to experience grand displays of Da Vinci’s inventions brought to life in scale, take a look into his classic sketchbooks, and enjoy real objects!

Da Vinci’s Inventions opened at the MOHAI this past July 31st, and you’ll be able to enjoy this incredible experience until January 3th, 2022. Visitors are encouraged to reserve their tickets ahead of time on the museum’s website. Also, make sure to check out all the COVID-19 guidelines before you go.

This exhibit is suitable for all ages, and it promises to spark curiosity even in the little ones!

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