City Nature Challenge Kicks Off Today And You Can Participate For Free

Emma Colosia Emma Colosia

grasshopper standing over leaf

It’s fun for nature lovers of all ages! Who will find the most species?

Northwest Trek, Woodland Park Zoo, and Metro Parks Tacoma have come together to recruit outdoor aficionados for this fun and educational City Nature Challenge. You’ll be joining people from all around the world with one objective: to show how diverse each region is.

The challenge is very simple and all you need is a smartphone. Take pictures of as many wild plants, insects and animals as you can. Look for wildlife while hiking, taking a walk, or even exploring your own backyard. Avoid taking photographs of domestic and captive organisms. Upload them all onto the iNaturalist app.

You have until Monday, May 3rd to upload your discoveries. Then you’ll have the task to identify as many as possible before Sunday, May 9th. You can do your own and also help other participants! Don’t worry if you’ve never used the app, it’s very user-friendly and self-explanatory.


The information gathered by all users, including photographs, notes and observations will be shared by iNaturalist to different global scientific databases. Remember that everything you record can lead to new and important findings. All you have to do is look closely.

Featured image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay. 

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