10 Of The Most Delicious And Cheap Restaurants In Seattle

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Cheap Restaurants Seattle

These incredibly cheap restaurants offer the perfect bite at the most affordable price!

Seattleites looking for a cheap restaurant in the city… this is for you!

1. Tacos Chuki’s

These famous tacos are amazing and so cheap! Each taco is between $2.25 and $2.75, which means you can get 3 or 4 tacos for just $10! Add a beer or a horchata, and enjoy!

You can find Tacos Chukis in several parts of the city, like Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, and Beacon Hill.

2. Dick’s

The first Dick’s Drive-In opened in 1954 in the Wallingford District, since then it has been a Seattleite favorite. Dick’s burgers are delivered fresh every day, and made of 100% real beef. You can enjoy a cheeseburger for just $2.40 and add fries and shakes for just $5.55 more. You can visit different locations throughout the city: Wallingford, Broadway, Queen Anne, Holman Road, Lake City, and Kent.

3. Bongos Cafe

Enjoy casual tropical vibes in this hidden gem in Green Lake. Bongos Cafe serves delicious Caribean food, and as a plus, it has a great patio area covered in sand! Try out the West Indies plate, which is jerk chicken, Cuban black beans and rice, mango slaw, and plantain for just $10.

4. Stoneway Cafe

Stoneway Cafe is great for a quick brunch bite! Something special about this place is that they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner items ALL day long! Try out their Breakfast Burrito and pair it up with a fresh coffee. Every plate on their menu is worth checking out, enjoy Pulled Pork Tacos or the Carne Asada Breakfast Sandwich just for a few bucks! Stoneway Cafe is ideally located in Wallingford, just a few blocks away from Lake Union, so it’s a great idea to grab your lunch to go and explore the area.

5. Marination Ma Kai

This SLU spot offers incredible Hawaiian-Korean cuisine. Marination Ma Kai atmosphere is hard to beat, you can enjoy mesmerizing views of the Seattle skyline while having lunch. Try out their crispy aloha tots, and their selection of tacos and sliders for a very cheap price.

6. Kathmandu Momocha

This food truck has been a hit at local farmer’s market stands and with their various pop up locals. Kathmandu Momocha serves incredible Nepalese food, and for just $5 to $7 bucks you can get delicious chicken, beef, or pork dumplings.


7. Xi’an Noodles

This incredible spot in Pine Street is one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Seattle. You can enjoy a full bowl of Hot oil-seared Biangbiang noodles for a very cheap price. Some of the Xi’an Noodle’s must-try dishes include the spicy cumin lamb for just $10!

8. Spice Waala

Located in Cap Hill and Ballard, this Indian restaurant is one of the best spots to try out Indian street food. You can enjoy a great variety of food, like a lamb kebab, chicken tikka rolls, masala aloo, and pair it up with a mango lassi for just $3 to $8!!

9. Chung Chun Rice Dog

The International District has been home to some of the most authentic and most delicious restaurants in Seattle. Chung Chun Rice Dog is no exception. This unique spot serves fun and mouthwatering corn dogs. You can choose your own coating, like panko breadcrumbs, ramen noodles, or even squid ink! Their prices are unbeatable, and you can enjoy these rare delicacies for just $5.99.

10. Two Doors Down

This family-friendly burger joint is a great spot to enjoy amazing burgers, fries, and homemade lemonade for under $15! Two Doors Down ingredients are regionally sourced, hormone and antibiotic-free, they also offer vegan and gluten-free options. Don’t forget to try out their 20 Northwestern Brews on tap and enjoy their Growlers to go.

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