The Campfire Festival Is Bringing Live Theater Back To Seattle This Week

Emma Colosia Emma Colosia

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The intermission is finally over! The Campfire Festival starts on May 20.

Live theater is back in Seattle after more than a year. The Williams Project will be staging an outdoor theater fest at the Rainier Arts Center.

 The idea behind the Campfire Festival is to have “socially distanced encounters with artists” by easing us back into the acts of gathering and communion. Luckily, Seattle’s spring weather and the lowering of COVID-19 restrictions have finally made it possible.

The festival will feature several one and two-artist shows presented outdoors. Each night will feature two different performances and an intimate discussion with the artist. Every presentation will be 30 minutes long and will have a maximum audience of 30 people. Hula hoops will be used to define socially distant seating areas.

Some of the local artists participating are Justin Huertas, Aaron Martin Davis Norman, Ryan Guzzo Purcell, Maggie L. Rogers and Dedra D. Woods. Each performer will use their space in different ways, so don’t expect a traditional theatre act. For example, during Ryan Guzzo Purcell’s special show, “The Wealth Walk,” audience members will be guided on a 2-mile walk described as a unique meditation.

You can find performance descriptions for other acts on their Instagram page.



Tickets for the festival are already available on the Williams Project official website.

Where:  3515 S Alaska St

When: May 20 – June 20


Featured photo by Cottonbro from Pexels.