10 Animals At The Seattle Aquarium Too Cute Not To See In Person

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The Seattle Aquarium and its inhabitants welcome you with open arms.

Make plans to visit the most charming creatures of the marine world. The Seattle Aquarium has its animal collection divided into six major exhibits that you can’t miss: Window on Washington Waters, Life on the Edge, Pacific Coral Reef, Birds & Shores, the Underwater Dome and Marine Mammals. A great time for people of all ages!

These are the animals at the aquarium that are too cute not to see in person:

1. Tufted Puffin

Also known as the “parrots of the sea”. They change their plumage during summer and winter so be sure to visit them twice a year.


2. Sea Otter

Adaa, Aniak and Mishka will be waiting for you at the Aquarium. They are outgoing and intelligent mammals and if you’re lucky, you’ll see them hold hands.


3. River Otter

Let us introduce Molalla and Ahanu. Both boys spend their time exploring, swimming and grooming their fur.


4. Harbor Seal

Barney, Q and Hogan steal the show inside their beautiful exhibit. With acrylic panels on all sides, the view of these playful animals is splendid.


5. Big Skate

These smiling animals are found in the waters of Puget Sound and the Salish Sea. It is thought that skates even have color vision, so don’t hesitate on wearing your most colorful outfit to make them notice you.



6. Sea Star 

Sea stars do not have brains, but they can see the Aquarium visitors to a certain point. They have eye “spots” at the end of their rays that help them detect light.


7. Giant Pacific Octopus

Get up close and personal with these graceful creatures. Get a unique view of them through the transparent tube exhibit. Did you know they can change color at will? This depends on their mood and comfort level.


8. Moon Jelly

Love them to the moon and back. During your visit to the Aquarium, you will learn all about these ancient drifters of the sea. Yes, they’ve been around since before dinosaurs roamed the earth.


9. Clown Fish

Disney lovers! Visit Nemo and his fish family while they enjoy their anemone home.


10. Puffer Fish

Pufferfish can fill their bellies with water or air. There are more than 120 species of them, so keep your eyes open when at the Aquarium; you’ll spot different types of puffers.

Where: 1483 Alaskan Way

Hours: Open daily 9:30 am-6:00 pm

Tickets can be bought online.

Featured image by Huskyherz from Pixabay. 

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