The Best Meteor Shower Of The Year Is This Week And Here’s How To Watch It

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Don’t miss the best meteor shower of the year!

The Perseid Meteor Shower is well underway, and the peak time to catch this amazing show is this Wednesday and Thursday!

What is the Perseid Meteor Shower?

This incredible show is produced by the dust and debris trailing the comet Swift-Tuttle, which rounds the sun every 133 years. The streaks of light that we see in the sky are caused by the strike of the meteors on our atmosphere.

When is the best time to watch it?

National Weather Service in Seattle has issued an excessive heat wave beginning today, which only means that our skies are gonna be clear, and in perfect conditions to watch the mesmerizing show.

NASA’s Watch the Skies blog recommends watching the meteor shower between midnight and dawn on Thursday, but if you miss it, you can also try again late Thursday evening into Friday morning.


The key is to find a place away from pollution and bright lights. Experts also recommend adjusting to the dark 30 minutes before heading your eyes to the sky, this also means no peeking at your phone.

If you’re unable to see the Perseids, you can always join NASA’s watch party on social media on Aug. 11-12 starting at 10 pm and going until 5 am CDT, or from 3 am until 10 am UTC. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel to catch the show.

Keep in mind that this show happens only once every year, so it’s totally worth staying up!

What’s the best place to watch the meteor shower in Seattle?

We recommend going as far away from the city as possible. Great options are:

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